DUNDEE STARTER PACKS SCIO is a voluntary charity responding positively to the problems faced by resettling homeless individuals, families and those in need, in Dundee and surrounding areas. People are referred to us for a number of different reasons but they all have one thing in common, financial hardship and have no means to provide themselves with basic household items.

Little more about us

  Donations can be handed directly into our premises at 39/41 Forest Park Road Dundee.  We aim to help individuals and families on low incomes who have been given a tenancy but are unable to provide themselves with basic household items. If you have any questions please contact us directly as indicated.

Dundee Starter Packs SCIO(SC030710)

We are a voluntary charity that makes a direct response to homelessness and poverty in Dundee and surrounding areas, by assisting individuals and families who are unable to provide themselves with basic household goods and bedding. Every Starter Pack contains the home essentials that everyone needs and every pack is carefully assembled by our Volunteers to cater for the specific needs of every individual or family in accordance with their circumstances. Homelessness doesn’t go away during a Pandemic such as Covid 19 and from April 2020 until April 2021 our Volunteers through their devotion and hard work have managed to provide 439 packs to Dundee and 35 packs to the county of Angus.  These packs accounted for 499 adults and 258 children.  We, as a charity, continue to appreciate the help and support we receive from various supporters and will continue to carry out this important contribution to our society at large.

New Packing Room

Supporting Local People

We hope our help will enable people to make a house a home, sustain their tenancies and rebuild their lives. Some of the referrals are for young people leaving the care system having been given their first tenancy, some are from families that have separated or have had to leave quickly and have few belongings. Below, three more packs on their way.