DUNDEE STARTER PACKS SCIO is a needs led Voluntary organisation providing household essentials to individuals and families in the Dundee area.


  • To assist individuals and families who are unable to provide themselves with basic household goods and bedding as they prepare to take on a tenancy.
  • To help such tenants to sustain their tenancies by relieving them of the drain on their resources by providing essential household equipment and bedding.
  • To foster a partnership approach with other agencies and the wider community.
  • To raise awareness of the problems homeless people face within the community.
New Packing Room

Supporting Local People

We hope our help will enable people to start making a home, sustain their tenancies and rebuild their lives. Some of the referrals are for young people leaving the care system having been given their first tenancy, some are from families that have separated or have had to leave quickly and have few belongings.